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Intelligent channel brake and intelligent access control summer lightning protection knowledge and precautions

When summer comes, lightning is a spectacular and terrifying natural weather phenomenon. This is not only because it can send out the long space of the flash and deafening thunder, but also because it will have a huge impact on human life and production activities. Lightning and lightning threaten the safety of human life, often causing serious damage to many sectors such as construction, electricity, electronics, communications, aviation and aerospace. There are two ways to lightning hazards, is a kind of direct lightning, it is to sound, light, electricity occurred at the same time, the instantaneous current up to hundreds of thousands of amps, produced by the electric effect and thermal effect can lead to fire, melting objects; Another kind is induction lightning (also called a secondary lightning), it is higher than direct lightning hazard rate, more indirect losses, is the most notable features of lightning disasters since the 1980 s, is also a difficult problem in lightning defense technology is an urgent need to solve. Since inductive lightning invades all kinds of scientific and technological equipment from all aspects, it must be protected in all aspects. Below, shenzhen equatorial technology engineers to explain the comprehensive lightning protection knowledge in summer, combined with the product characteristics of the pedestrian brake system and access control system lightning precautions. 1. Comprehensive lightning protection and prevention knowledge Intercept lightning: the first line of defense against lightning is to intercept it and send it to the ground. Lightning arrester, lightning arrester and cage lightning arrester are the main methods to intercept lightning. Pressure equalization: also known as "equilibrium connection" or "equipotential connection". It USES a conductor to connect the part of the lightning that may be flowing to the relevant part of the surrounding area, so as to ensure that when the lightning passes, there will be no side flash discharge. 3. Tap: the so-called shunt is in everything from outdoor wires (including power lines, telephone lines, network signal lines, etc.) and the grounding line parallel between a lightning arrester, which is the key of the rapid development of modern lightning protection technology, is the key to the defense of electrical and electronic equipment, in recent years, almost all frequent thunder disaster by adopting the measures to reduce the loss. 4. Shielding: it is to surround objects in need of protection with metal mesh or pipe and block all electromagnetic pulses of lightning from the passage of space invasion, so that lightning can be drilled seamlessly. 5. Grounding: it is the most basic and important link in lightning protection, and it is one of the most effective means to discharge the direct lightning strike and lightning electromagnetic interference energy. The purpose of lightning protection grounding is to release the lightning through the ground to protect the safety of buildings, personnel and equipment. The above five technical measures are interrelated and form a comprehensive defense system. Ii. Matters needing attention 1. The installation position of the power box of access control shall be correctly selected. (1) avoid installing on the side walls around the house, especially the side walls that protrude out of the house. (2) avoid installing on the wall with metal pipes, pipes and other pipes, especially on the same side wall less than 5 meters away from metal pipes and pipes. 2, the brake machine case, entrance guard power box, circuit board are grounding measures should be taken, the grounding wire should be solid and reliable, and grounding resistance should be 0.1 or less Ω. 3. The construction wiring should be correct and reasonable. Power cables, signal lines should be in indoor, outdoor wiring to avoid, to avoid metal pipe, trachea pipe direction and cross wiring, such as inevitable and metal pipe, trachea pipe of synthetic wiring, such as the distance should be 5 meters or more. The wiring should be arranged in a straight line to minimize bending. 4. The power connection mode of the access power box of the power supply of the power supply of the access control box shall adopt the connection socket mode. It is convenient to cut off the power supply in time and prevent lightning strikes when weather prevention or weather change may occur.