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Service Description

Service Tenet

Professionalism, efficiency, quality and standardization

First, strictly abide by the state, industry and enterprise standards and regulations, strictly control product quality and provide services.

The domestic quality law of the people's Republic of China

"Technical requirements for GA/T394 entry and exit control system"

"GB/T50314-2004 intelligent building design standard"

Code for engineering design of GB50396-2007 entry and exit control system

"Technical specification for GB50348 safety precaution Engineering"

Two, sincerely for the customers to provide pre - sales, sales and after-sales integration of professional services, the company has set up a complete set of customer information files and service standard system.

Three, we have a customer service team composed of project design, product selection and technical support, and visit customers regularly or unregularly to master the use and running status of customer's products in real time, so as to ensure that you have no worries in the use of the product and the operating cycle of the system.


Service Commitment

1, any company's factory products can enjoy one year warranty and lifetime after-sales service.

2, provide 7 x 24 hour hotline customer service, working time through e-mail, QQ instant communication, at any time to accept customer service needs, complaints and business consultation, listen to the customer's advice.

3. Provide remote assistance.

4. Provide technical training for products.

5, customer consultation and customer service will be recorded in detail, and at the first time to give customers a satisfactory answer.

6, the company is responsible for the project, after receiving the customer barrier, 2 hours of telephone technical support, the company will send professional personnel to the site for processing under the necessary circumstances, depending on the degree of maintenance of the product to determine emergency measures and treatment plans, Shenzhen within 4-12 hours to reach the present field treatment, the rest of the area within 24-48 hours to arrive. On site, regular telephone interviews and customer supervision.


Service Content

Product service content

1, the company's product is under the normal operation of the instructions, if there is a failure, from the date of purchase the main part of the one year warranty (battery is not included in the warranty). For more than one year, if the parts need to be replaced, we charge the cost and maintenance cost of the parts.

2, the following products are not in the scope of warranty services:

Product failure is an artificial injury, which includes misuse, abuse, self disassembly and improper operation.

The damage caused by the non - human resistance factors;

Beyond the warranty period of warranty;


No valid purchase certificate;

Engineering service content

1. Pre sale planning

Technical support: professional engineers communicate with customers in advance to accurately understand customer needs.

Field survey: the survey of professional engineers

Provide professional solutions

Professional engineers provide security solutions and corresponding service strategies according to customer needs and budgets.

2. After sale service

Standard service (supply, installation, on-site maintenance, regular inspection and other services) during the warranty period.

Value added payment upgrade service (system relocation, on-demand response services) during warranty period

The annual renewal service after the warranty period

Customers can choose the following custom service according to their actual conditions:

Annual spare parts comprehensive service

Non spare parts maintenance service for the year

To send a special person to a comprehensive maintenance service

Spare parts Service

To ensure that the original spare parts are in conformity with the specifications.

Leasehold solutions

3. System upgrade and transformation service

Audit the customer's security system to ensure the feasibility of the technology and budget.

To provide customers with the highest cost performance system transformation plan to improve customer system availability.

Service Description