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Shenzhen Chtop Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in "Intelligent Face Access Control Gate Manufacturing" and "Intelligent Cloud Platform System Application Development". The company has always adhered to the professional operation direction of "export gateway solution provider". Focusing on all the capital, technology and talents in research and development and production, we are committed to providing customers with first-class technology, high-priced products, feasible solutions and professional services.
Since its establishment in 2011,the company's main products are: auto doors,turnstile,swing barrier, flap barrier, tripod turnstile, full height turnstile, access controller, dynamic face machine etc.
The company's products and systems are widely used in intelligent buildings, smart sites, schools, industrial parks, hospitals, banks, prisons, museums, stadiums, clubs, clubs, scenic spots, stations, terminals, power, factories and mines, residential areas, unmanned supermarkets, The public security law department, government agencies, enterprises and other occasions are exported to Russia, Malaysia, South Korea, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and other countries.
Chtop's corporate philosophy: focus, professionalism, integrity, sharing
Chtop's business philosophy: cooperation, win-win, innovation, development
Chtop's product philosophy: stability priority, safety, convenience, aesthetics, and advancement
Chtop's entrepreneurial spirit: honesty, service, innovation, scientific management, creating multipliers
Chtop's corporate goals: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, and social satisfaction, becoming the leading company in the industry
Company Proflile