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Reliable and experienced brand

CHTOP's main responsible person has been involved in the industry for more than 10 years, concentrating on products and solutions for people's entry and exit management.

Good and not expensive, high cost performance

ISO9000 quality system certification, all the spare parts of products are selected by high quality brand suppliers to provide you with super cost-effective products and solutions.

Strong service and high quality service

CHTOP's products are complete in appearance, and the appearance is of an air quality. People make you solve the problem one-stop, and enjoy the one-stop service.

Z258 Luxury patent speed gate, CE, ROHS, FCC certification passed


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CHTOP's management is different

Different enterprises with different management achievements, and win win cooperation for internal and external cooperation.

CHTOP's leadership team is not seduced by the riotous world. For more than 10 years, the spirit of the first day of the pioneer cattle is devoted to the development of innovation and continuous progress in the field of people's entry and exit management.

CHTOP's middle level team  is not a good old man, dare to speak, dare to do, dare to win, dare to win, upload and release, have strong sense of responsibility and strong execution.

CHTOP's  products are different

Different products meet different needs. The best is for you.

CHTOP constantly introduces advanced ISO quality system management, 7S field management, office software management, and real enterprise consulting management to help the company's management development.


CHTOP in line with cooperation, win-win, innovation, development management concept, efficiency, innovation, heavy results, heavy management, and strive to become a customer satisfaction, let the employees satisfied, let the shareholders satisfied, the social satisfaction of the subdivision industry leading Brand Company.

CHTOP firmly believes that the details determine success or failure, and it is better to do the product of people management.

CHTOP is leading the industry's product innovation and taking the opportunity to take the initiative to eliminate the profitable but backward products.

CHTOP's product details design is intimate, convenient humanization, reduce your installation and use, service support cost.

CHTOP's products are different

Different products meet different needs. The best is for you.

Who is CHTOP?

It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sale and service of intelligent pedestrian gateway and intelligent access control card system.

What does CHTOP do?

For your Intelligent Building, unmanned supermarket, school, prison, stadiums, clubs,

scenic spots, stations, wharfs, sites, factories, mines, residential areas and other occasions to provide intelligent management products and system solutions to reduce your

management costs and form a good order.

Who is the object of the CHTOP service?

Our direct customers are channel managers, agents, engineering contractors, and system

integrators who manage the products with intelligent access. Our indirect customers are

the direct use units of the intelligent management products of people's entry and exit. 


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